We deliver high-quality production services for over 20 years

We have the reputation of a reliable and experienced partner.
The company management has more than 20 years
of moviemaking experience.

years since establishment
years of experience
completed projects

We render the package of feature films, commercials, music videos and documentaries production services. Our team is characterized by professionalism and unity in our work. Professional artistic and managerial staff works on all projects. Using the minimum of personnel our team organizes and coordinates filming.

  • Location managers in cooperation with production designer and producer of a motion picture search for natural surroundings and interiors in accordance with the film’s main art goals.
  • Production coordinators achieve harmonious work of both our home and foreign groups.
  • Our production designers do not just guide the creation of setting, but also advise on a historical period you are interested in to avoid artistic mistakes.
  • Our camera crew — the recognized masters of their business, they are on tops in their field — is ready to come to our foreign colleagues’ aid. In case of need professional translators always reside on locations. They work in direct contact with producer crew, camera crew and with actors, of course.
  • Crowd scene assistants have an enormous data bank that lets them invite new people every day and coordinate their actions on set successfully.
  • Make-up artists and costume designers work both independently and in cooperation with their foreign colleagues on set. Russian stunt men and pyrotechnics specialists are worth a special reference.
  • Possessing unsurpassed craftsmanship, they won admiration and gratitude of the worldwide companies. Live-action transport is also very important for historical films.
  • We have an experience of such filming and we work with specialists who know the necessary age in all its minutest details.
  • We involve experienced trainers when animals’ filming is needed.